Extension Techniques For Livestock Development

Extension Techniques For Livestock Development

Livestock sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy particularly in reducing poverty among the weaker sections of the society. Livestock not only provides a continuous stream of income but also acts as natural capital assets for the poor in adverse conditions. India is having huge population of livestock but their production potential is below the global average. Besides this, a continuous rise in the demand of livestock products opens door for dissemination of latest innovative methods among livestock owners, farmers, farm women, etc in order to enhance livestock production potential. This requires a strong extension support with trained extension professionals, who may help farmers in identifying their problems, help them to find out solutions to these problems and provide them the required technical know-how with plenty of information. The primary objective of this book is to increase the proficiency of extension workers as well as improve their proficiency competence by acquainting them with the latest developments in livestock sector and enabling them in better understanding of the existing problems in the villages. This book is also helpful for graduate, postgraduate and doctorate students pursuing studies in veterinary dairy, agriculture, fisheries, and other related sciences and provides them a first hand information on important aspects related to contribution of livestock to national income, community development, panchayati raj, livestock development programmes, audio-visual aids, extension teaching methods, programme planning, adoption and diffusion process, livestock marketing as well as animal husbandry management and administration. We are sure that this book will be beneficial for professors, teachers, trainers, researchers and extension professionals engaged in veterinary and animal husbandry extension and other professional courses.

Publisher New India Publishing Agency
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Extension Techniques For Livestock Development
Language: en
Pages: 548
Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Categories: Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-01-01 - Publisher: New India Publishing Agency

Livestock sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy particularly in reducing poverty among the weaker sections of the society. Livestock not only pr
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