The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible details every step of the complex mushroom cultivation process, making it hands down the largest and most comprehensive book ever written on the subject. Readers will learn how to produce their own magic mushrooms quickly, safely, and effectively. The book features over 40 step-by-step photographic instruction guides to each step of the process, including: sterilizing the equipment to produce mushrooms; how to build the containers used during home mushroom cultivation; safety measures for preventing contamination of the mushroom cultures; and a guide to consuming magic mushrooms safely and enjoyably. Dr. Mandrake uses his doctoral studies in mycology to detail the history and botany of psilocybin mushrooms to give readers an idea of their prevalence throughout human history. The book is highly detailed and comprehensive, allowing readers to learn the entire process required to produce perfect magic mushrooms every time.

Release Date
ISBN 9781937866280
Pages 380 pages
The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible
Language: en
Pages: 380
Authors: Dr K. Mandrake
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-10-11 - Publisher:

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible details every step of the complex mushroom cultivation process, making it hands down the largest and most comprehensive book ever
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Pages: 264
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