Handbook of Finite Fields

Author: Gary L. Mullen

Publisher: CRC Press

Total Pages: 1068

9.7.6 Remark Initial motivation came from Schur's Conjecture Theorem 9.7.32, which starts over a number field K – a finite extension of Q, the rational numbers – with its ring of integers OK . That asks about V f over residue class ...

Finite Fields and Their Applications

Author: Pascale Charpin

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

Total Pages: 285

Handbook of Finite Fields, Boca Raton, London, New York, CRC Press, to appear. T. Ritter, Linear Complexity: A Literature Survey, http://www.ciphersbyritter.com/RES/LINCOMPLHTM. I. Rivat, On pseudo-random properties ofP(n) andP (n + 1), ...

Lectures on Finite Fields

Author: Xiang-dong Hou

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

Total Pages: 240

The subject of finite fields is at the intersection of algebra, combinatorics, and number theory, and is a source of ... The standard references for finite fields are Finite Fields [27] by R. Lidl and H. Niederreiter and Handbook of ...

Finite Fields

Author: Rudolf Lidl

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Total Pages: 784

True to its nature as a handbook of applications , this volume also gives various algorithms for factorizing polynomials ( over both large and small finite fields ) . The lengthy notes at the end of each chapter contain interesting ...

Handbook of Algebra


Publisher: Elsevier

Total Pages: 912

[99] G.L. Mullen, Permutation polynomials over finite fields, Finite Fields, Coding Theory, and Advances in Communications and Computing, G.L. Mullen and P.J.-S. Shiue, eds, Dekker, New York (1993), 131–151.

Topics in Finite Fields

Author: Gohar Kyureghyan

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

Total Pages: 371

MR1412797 (99g:94015) [10] Handbook of Finite Fields, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2013. Edited by G. L. Mullen and D. Panario. MR3087321 [11] H. Niederreiter, Sequences with almost perfect linear complexity profile, Lecture Notes in ...

Topics in Galois Fields

Author: Dirk Hachenberger

Publisher: Springer Nature

Total Pages: 785

On the other end of the spectrum, Part III of the Handbook of finite fields [292] provides extensive surveys on various applications of finite fields, including a wealth of further references. In particular, Section 16.17 gives an ...

Combinatorics and Finite Fields

Author: Kai-Uwe Schmidt

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

Total Pages: 354

K. Li, L. Qu, and X. Chen, New classes of permutation binomials and permutation trinomials over finite fields, ... G.L. Mullen and Q. Wang, Permutation polynomials of one variable, Handbook of finite fields, CRC, 2014, Section 8.1.

Arithmetic of Finite Fields

Author: Sylvain Duquesne

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 277

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (1997) Mullen, G.L., Panario, D.: Handbook of Finite Fields. CRC Press, Boca Raton (2013) Ostafe, A., Shparlinski, I.E.: On the length of critical orbits of stable quadratic polynomials. Proc.