The Men who Built Britain

Author: Ultan Cowley

Publisher: Orbit Books

Total Pages: 271

Generously illustrated with striking pictures - many never previously published - this book ensures that the true story of the Irish navvy will not be forgotten."--BOOK JACKET.

The Literature of the Irish in Britain

Author: L. Harte

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 327

John B. Keane's view of emigration as a profoundly deleterious social phenomenon which is inimical to the integrity of nation, community and the self is loudly echoed by Dónall Mac Amhlaigh (1926–1989) in An Irish Navvy, ...

The Irish in Post-War Britain

Author: Enda Delaney

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Total Pages: 232

The image of the Irish navvy as a hard-working and heavy-drinking 'rough' and unpredictable character, prone to violence, who refused to settle in any one place, is one of the most enduring in collective memory.

London Irish Fictions

Author: Tony Murray

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

Total Pages: 232

Hampstead, he must now follow in the footsteps of itinerant London Irish predecessors, such as Beckett's Murphy and O ... Schnitzer O'Shea (1985) and An Irish Navvy: The Diary ofan Exile (1964) by Donall Mac Amhlaigh Like Patrick Riley, ...

The Irish in Britain, 1815-1939

Author: Roger Swift

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Total Pages: 334

There were , too , instances of Irish navvy violence being manipulated by rival railway companies in order to establish control over disputed tracts of land , as reflected in a riot which occurred near Wolverhampton in 1850 when Irish ...

A History of Irish Working-Class Writing

Author: Michael Pierse

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Total Pages:

MacGill was born in 1890 and worked as a navvy before he enlisted with the London Irish Rifles, so he had seen first-hand the difficulties these labourers faced, as his poem 'Played Out' reveals: As a bullock falls in the crooked ruts, ...

Irish Writing London: Volume 2

Author: Tom Herron

Publisher: A&C Black

Total Pages: 184

If such a vision of London is to be found in An Irish Navvy, it is nevertheless counterbalanced by Mac Amhlaigh's own experiences of city life; experiences by turns challenging and pleasurable that enabled him to regard the city with a ...

Rethinking the Irish Diaspora

Author: Johanne Devlin Trew

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 299

Given its preoccupation with women's issues, Edna O'Brien's work might appear to be an improbable source for insights into the condition of the Irish navvy in post-war Britain. The Irish construction workers who appear in her early ...

A History of Irish Autobiography

Author: Liam Harte

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Total Pages:

The dull style of An Irish Navvy reflected the fact that Mac Amhlaigh was not a native Irish speaker. His importance as a prolific social commentator on 'the middle nation',20 as he called the Irish in Britain, is beyond question, ...