Perspectives in Conceptual Modeling

Author: Jacob Akoka

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Total Pages: 494

Willem-Jan van den Heuvel and Bernhard Thalheim The 6th International Workshop on Conceptual Modeling Approaches for e-Business, eCOMO'05, ... Therefore, business modeling provides an integrated view aligning these viewpoints.

Conceptual Modeling Perspectives

Author: Jordi Cabot

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 268

The goal of this paper is to show how Conceptual Modeling provides a sound background to face the challenging ... what it should be true is that “the conceptual model is the code”, instead of the conventional perspective based on the ...

Conceptual Modeling

Author: Peter P. Chen

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 316

According to a terminological perspective, the terms used in the schemas of a federation play a central role and are analyzed and reorganized into summary schemas at higher abstraction levels, by mapping them to the concepts of an ...

Conceptual Modeling – ER 2010

Author: Jeffrey Parsons

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 490

simple modeling concepts that allow modeling features, variability relations, and feature dependencies. Next, we will discuss the approach in more detail. 4.1 Multi-perspective Approach A perspective is used to model the variability of ...

Conceptual Modeling - ER 2013

Author: Wilfred Ng

Publisher: Springer

Total Pages: 514

Recently modeling issues related to the interaction, time, resource, and data perspectives of business processes have been addressed in addition to the control flow perspective (e.g., [13–19]). The integration of business process ...